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Main Meeting and Conference

At least monthly, the University President and other members of the administration meet with the Faculty Association Meet & Confer Team "for the purpose of discussing matters of mutual concern [such as] implementation of new policies or changes in existing policies affecting…curriculum; evaluation of students; graduation requirements; admission policies; budget planning and allocations; the reallocation of vacant positions…; programs and program development; long-range planning; development of campus facilities and procedures for the selection of personnel. Also…matters such as the implementation of this [IFO/MnSCU] Agreement."


The FA Meet & Confer Team includes the chairs of the sub meet & confer committees and all officers and elected representatives with the exception of the IFO Negotiator.


Main Meet and Confer sessions are scheduled at least monthly at 3:00 PM on Thursdays. Meetings during the 2008 Fall Semester are set for September 4, October 16, and December 4. Spring 2008 meetings are scheduled for February 5, March 19, and April 9. With notice, either party may schedule additional sessions.

Minutes and Notes

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