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Budget Committee

The main task of this committee is to gather information on budget issues that affect the institution and then disseminate that information to the faculty. The committee also collects the budget concerns of the faculty and expresses those concerns to the Administration. The chairperson serves on the FA Executive Committee, reporting on committee activities and carrying back any EC concerns to the Budget Committee.

Unit Name Extension Email Address Term Ends
Allied Health & Nursing
Lynnette Engeswick
Arts & Humanities
Roland Nord (Chair)
Kristen Rosacker 5413 2017
John Seymour
Library Services & Unaffiliated Faculty Lisa Baures (Spring Semester 2016) 2255 2016
Library Services & Unaffiliated Faculty
Casey Duevel
Science, Engineering, & Technology
Danae Quirk Dorr
Social & Behavioral Sciences
Avra Johnson

Meeting Schedule

The Faculty Association Budget Committee meets periodically to discuss which budget issues it will bring before the Budget Sub-Meet and Confer. The members represent the faculty at Budget Sub-Meet and Confer sessions. In addition to the administration and faculty teams, the Budget Sub-Meet and Confer includes representatives from other University staff unions and student government. Sessions are public and have traditionally been scheduled monthly on Tuesdays at 3 PM.

Minutes and Sub Meet Conference Notes

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